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ONIXS Line Conditioner Protect


ONIXS Line Conditioner protects your all IT Equipments, Data Centre, TV / Radio transmitter stations, GSM base stations, image and sound production studios, air conditioners, neon and laser illuminations, press and textile machines, photograph press machines, submerging, pumps, ships, electric motors, Uninterrupted Power Supply and all the sensitive electrical devices sensitive to voltage changes against network problems.

   .    Wide input range
.    Micro Controller Base Designed
.    Built-in Isolation Transformer
.    1phase Input & 1Phase Output
.    Quick response
.    LCD Display
.    LED induction (Low, Normal & High)
.    Protection of overload limit
.    Spike & surge Suppression
.    Ideal Neutral to Ground <1 Volt
.    Turn “ON” after delay of 5 sec on Output
.    Built in auto start function
.    Over voltages & Low voltages
.    Over Temperature Control
.    Short circuit protection