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INFORISE IMPACT Serial Static Voltage Stabilizer is a high technologic solution for operation of your sensitive devices with out any problem wherever the main supply is not trusted. Produced of high quality semi-conductor materials, that can operate with high efficiency under extreme & fast voltage changing conditions Thus, it has extremely high speed response (500VAC/sec). Easy usage with its compact design, maintenance free and long life facilities.
   .    Up to 3000 KVA power range as three phase
.    Safety usage for all the sensitive electrical devices
.    Control and protection unit with microprocessor based boards
.    Regulation between 160 V AC-250 V AC (90 VAC-280 VAC optional) (Phase-Neutral)
.    500 V / sec voltage regulation rate
.    Static and modular structure with Thyristor and SMPS technology
.    Electronical over current and short circuit protection.
.    High efficiency, silent operation.
.    LCD front panel
.    Maintenance free design which cannot  be effected from dust, humidity or Vibration
.    In case of defect, ON/OFF and by-pass switch to operate from main supply
.    CONTACTOR unit for LOW – HIGH voltage at output for the first opening Delay
.    Produced with high quality equipments to obtain minimum failure risk
.    Wheels that can rotate 360
.    Surge Arrester against to high current and fighting (optional)
.    Isolation transformer (optional)
.    Harmonic filter (optional)
.    RFI filter (optional)
.    Production with ISO-9001: 2008 Quality Management System
.    10 years spare part warranty
.    Technical service support

INFORISE Servo Motor Control voltage stabilizers