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Sicom Support

We offer our expertise and support all over Pakistan. We focus on delivering the best and excellent products and support to our clients at the same time it is aimed to be cost effective also. Our clientele not only expands to Public sector, Forces, Banking sector, Educational institution, Universities, Textile and Garment Industry, Oil, Gas and Petroleum sector to many other Govt. Organizations as well.


Before deciding to buy, getting expert advice about the right choice of UPS product is the most important investment you can make. By analysing your actual requirements and ascertaining the correct dimensions, follow-on costs can then be avoided. Professional installation and start-up, as well as training in the proper use of the product, will later guarantee the optimal operation of the system. More


To ensure that your power supply infrastructure functions continuously and faultlessly for its entire lifespan, you need professional support. With regular monitoring, fault conditions can be quickly detected and repaired, which will extend the lifespan of the UPS unit and prevent undue depreciation. A service agreement can ensure the optimal performance for the lifespan of the unit. More



Properly recycling a UPS unit and its components means caring for the environment. This is part of the manufacturer’s responsibility and is an important aspect of the complete service package. More